Back to Basics - September 2018

Back to Basics

Labor Day is a few days away. Children will be heading back to school, parents are coming back from vacations and Hope on Soap is getting Back to Basics - SOAP.

We have an updated website where we showcase our organic soaps and the value they provide. We create Hope for the skin through aromatic organic soaps with moisturizing botanicals that help restore softness and suppleness to aging, damaged and dry skin over time. The primary benefits - RENEW, RELAX, REFRESH, RESTORE, REVIVE - simply express the HOPE that our organic soaps offer.

Enjoy Spa at Home Experiences - Soak, Soothe and Wash Away the Cares of the Day!

To add value to our mission of “Harnessing Optimal Positive Expectation”, we’re introducing ‘Soap Quotes” - inspirational quotes about bathing with soap.

Soap Quotes Story

In May of this year, I really wanted to go to the beach, but the water was not warm enough yet. A beach scene in my bathroom seemed like a good idea to remind me of the benefits of being near bodies of water.

I went looking for shower curtains in Home Goods and found several beach themes but none appealed to me. I was about to give up, but then I found one with flamingos on it. Though it was not a complete beach scene, I really liked it. I purchased it with matching bathroom accessories and towels. When I finished re-decorating my bathroom, it looked nice, but something was missing. I did not realize what that something was until I came face-to-face with a metal flamingo on a shelf in a store. I was not sure how I would incorporate it, but I was eager to find out. It reminded me of the times I had visited my brother Ron in Florida and saw homes with plastic flamingos in the yard.

When I got home, I put the flamingo on the bathroom floor but was not impressed until I put him on top of a drawer unit with his head almost touching the ceiling. He looked regal there and I wanted to add some art to acknowledge his presence. When I could not find the art or the quote that I wanted, I realized that this was a job for the poet in me. I created the “Flamingo Perspective” art print below as my bathroom décor and called it a “Soap Quote”. Now when my family and friends visit my bathroom, they come out smiling.

It was not until August that I wrote a few more “Soap Quotes” about the enjoyment of bathing with soap. I thought that like me, other people might want something more beautiful to hang in their bathrooms than the low quality volume prints available.

As the perfect accompaniment to our high-quality organic soaps, “Soap Quotes” pay homage to the wonderful feeling you get while enjoying a relaxing bath. “Soap Quotes “are great bathroom décor and can add ambience to your Spa-at-Home experiences. Purchase some ‘Soap Quotes” for your bathroom and elevate it to a place where dreams grow and flourish and don’t forget about the SOAP.

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