Life's Pearls - Wisdom for a Meaningful Life - Sherri Council

Life's Pearls - Wisdom for a Meaningful Life - Sherri Council

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Pearls and People – “Allow Your Life’s Pearls to Illuminate the Darkness”

My book, Life's Pearls - Wisdom for a Meaningful Life, is a self-development collection of inspirational poems, quotes and stories with a foreword by renowned motivational author & speaker, Les Brown. Life's Pearls seeks to bring out your inner beauty by revealing the true value of the pearls inside of you. Your strand of Life’s Pearls is a unique collection based on your life’s experiences. “Allow Your Life’s Pearls to Illuminate the Darkness” and always Wear them with Pride.

The first letters of the six-chapter themes in Life’s Pearls spell PEARLS because of the ageless beauty, versatility and allure of the pearl and the connection between pearls and people. Like us, pearls come in different sizes, colors and shapes and each one is unique and of incomparable value. The outer shell of a pearl may be rough and unassuming, but the inside is beautiful. As with pearls, you won’t find the true value of a person until you look inside. Pearls are shining examples of making the best of a challenging situation based on how they grow.  Forces of nature or man-made processes lodge an irritant in an oyster, mussel or clam. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk secretes a fluid to coat the irritant. Layer upon layer of this coating is deposited on the irritant until sometimes a lustrous pearl is formed.

We experience the same process in our lives. An irritant such as disease, death, divorce or financial crisis enters our lives either by the natural order of things or by choices made by us. As a defense mechanism, we learn how to cope, heal and recover through sweat, talk and tears, which helps us to reflect on our mistakes and make life changes. Many choose to work out their pain with extended exercise programs and physical activity; some talk it out with friends, family and counselors while others cry rivers of tears. The recovery process may take years because our emotions are very fragile but when we are healed, we have yet another pearl to add to our life strand.