Lemon Hope Organic Soap
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Lemon Hope Organic Soap

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Lemon Hope Organic Soap - 4 oz - REFRESH

"HOPE is a Positive GAME CHANGER"

Lemon Hope Organic Soap refreshes your outlook by channeling a tropical drizzle to wash away negative thoughts and usher in more positive ones. Lemon Hope will uplift your spirit with its fresh tantalizing aroma. It kicks into high gear in the summer as the lemongrass essential oil in it repels insects naturally.

The use of chemical laden soaps can cause the skin to tighten and lose elasticity. Hope on Soap’s crowd-pleasing organic soaps are proven winners with moisturizing botanicals that lather well and help repair and restore softness and suppleness to aging, damaged and dry skin over time.

Get back to basics by using HoSo soap and water on your skin. Because your skin is the first defense against toxins entering the bloodstream, HoSo organic soap can be part of a healthy regime focused on wellness. Before you add other beauty products to your daily makeup ritual, start with a HoSo organic soap to cleanse without stripping natural oils. Let HoSo’s organic soaps wrap your skin in silky, sensuous lather to awaken the senses and nourish the skin.

Colorful recycled packaging allows the alluring scents to captivate the senses. Packaged in upscale clear boxes, our Organic Soaps are Gifts of Value.

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