The Hope on Soap Story

Hope On Soap - Artisan Spa Soap               

Our natural soap company, Hope on Soap combines old world healing properties that connect the sciences of aromatherapy and herbology to benefit the largest organ, your skin. We produce high quality artisan organic soaps that wrap your skin in silky, rich, sensuous lather that awakens the senses and nourishes the skin. They provide moments of pure pleasure, in a bath or shower, from the botanical aromas which allow for a sweet escape, if only for a few moments in a bath or shower. You can enjoy a luxury spa experience right in your own home.

The harmony between organic luxury bath products and Sherri’s signature messages of inspiration came alive through organic and botanical soaps. Sherri Council, Author, Poet, Product Developer launched Hope on Soap in 2011 at The Baltimore Farmer’s Market with creativity and determination being its only capital. Thereafter, Hope on Soap expanded to the BMI Market, The Historic Brookland Farmer’s Market and The Fort Meade Farmer’s Market. We opened a soap boutique offering “Gems for the Body” in Elena Design Studio for 3 years. There we offered one-of-a-kind soap baskets and gifts to her custom jewelry clients and my organic soap clients of many years.

Hope On Soap Inspiration               

When I was a chiId, I remember picking fresh fruit, grapes and vegetables from the trees, garden and vines on our property. Back then skincare was simple - most families used handmade soap. The legacy of the land came alive for me through my father who tilled our land, planted the seeds and reaped the harvest. As I matured, I developed a deep respect for farmers who worked the soil to bring the best crops possible to markets and stores.

I don’t have a green thumb and am not a gardener, but I wanted to honor simpler times using botanical gifts from Mother Nature. I became passionate about creating high quality bath and body products to support healthy lifestyles. Hope on Soap was created to combine old world healing properties with the sciences of aromatherapy and herbology to benefit the largest organ, your skin.

I’m passionate about creating high quality organic products to support healthy lifestyles. Many hours spent in the kitchen enabled me to concoct aromatic botanical blends that create a symphony of fragrances. Our blends calm your spirit and enhance your well-being with lovely scents dance in your head like good music.

You just can’t beat Mother Nature for botanical aromas that are far superior to fragrances created in a lab. That is why our luxury bath products are colored with botanical leaves & flowers and scented with the exotic aromas of plant-based essential oils. Our natural soap company produces high quality organic products so that artisanal quality and wholesomeness are part of every Hope on Soap experience.

Proven healing coconut oil and shea butter make up the base of our coming soon organic Hand and Heel Balm Sticks to hydrate and moisturize the most overlooked but hardest working part of our bodies – our feet.

Our upcoming mineral Bath Salts will enable you to have better circulation and less stress while enjoying better sleep.

HoSo’s high-quality ingredients create herbal bouquets that caress your skin and stimulate your senses, helping you to Soak, Soothe & Wash Away Cares of the Day!


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