Herbal Mint Organic Soap Box

Herbal Mint Organic Soap Box

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Herbal Mint Organic Soap Box - 3 Organic Soaps - RENEW

Herbal Mint Organic Soap wakes you up with a tingling sensation to renew your spirit. Herbal Mint invigorates with a rich lather that captivates the senses as the aromas rise whether bathing, shaving or showering.

Organic ingredients include essential oils of peppermint & rosemary with natural peppermint leaf in a base of coconut oil. The primary benefit - RENEWS Your Spirit - simply expresses the HOPE that our Herbal Mint organic soap offers.

Three high-quality organic soaps in a white recycled gift box is an eco-friendly gift of value. Three Simple Actions- Three Amazing Benefits

Open the Box

Aromatic Blends Captivate the Senses

Give the Soap

Show that You Care about the Recipient and the Environment

Use the Soap

Improve Aging, Dry and Aging Skin

Soak, Soothe & Wash Away Cares of the Day

Friends and Loved Ones - Gifts to Celebrate Anniversaries, Birthdays, Friendships, Get Well, Weddings

Corporations and Nonprofits – Soap Boxes are Gifts of Value to Appreciate Attendees, Recognize Employees, Reward Clients

Realtors - Welcome New Home Buyers with a gift they can use right away. When everything is packed away, they can enjoy the ambience and benefits of aromatic organic soap to scent bathrooms and nourish the skin

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