Herbal Mint Travel Soap

Herbal Mint Travel Soap

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Herbal Mint Organic Soap - 1.3 oz - RENEW

Herbal Mint Organic Soap wakes you up with a tingling sensation to renew your spirit. Herbal Mint invigorates with a rich lather that captivates the senses as the aromas rise whether bathing, shaving or showering.

Organic ingredients include essential oils of peppermint & rosemary with natural peppermint leaf in a base of coconut oil. The primary benefit - RENEWS Your Spirit - simply expresses the HOPE that our Herbal Mint organic soap offers.

We create hope for the skin through aromatic organic soaps containing moisturizing botanicals that help repair and restore softness and suppleness to aging, damaged and dry skin over time.

Don’t depend on travel destinations to provide the high-quality soap you use at home. Take organic soap with you on your trips so your skin will not dry out while you’re away.