Stronger Women Quotes - Beauty Marks

Stronger Women Quotes - Beauty Marks

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Stronger Women Quotes – Downloadable Home Décor 

You do it all!

You climb the corporate ladder and shatter the glass ceiling. You are “The Best in Class” wherever life takes you. You’re the Best Wife, Best Employee, Best Mother – the Best Everything.

No challenge is too hard for you. You don’t stop until you achieve your goals and then you take on another challenge. With a Type A personality and a formidable spirit, you are unstoppable, and you keep knocking down all the challenges you face.

Often you don’t know how to slow down, reflect and regroup. With so many priorities, it is hard to find time for you. I suggest that you put yourself on your own schedule and do the things that put back some of the excellence that you give out.

Many of you have endured abuse, affairs, deceit, disregard and rape which may have caused you to think you were weak and not enough. We all encounter situations that do not bring out the best in us. The truth is that you are enough because the weight you carry from every offense made you a stronger woman. I wrote “Stronger Women Quotes” to inspire the greatness in you that others are drawn to but that you can’t see. Since you might not be able to see your own strength initially, you must adjust your focus by replenishing the energy you give out.

This journey starts with self-care. Inspirational “Stronger Women Quotes” are a first step on the path of discovering what you need. They encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments before moving to the next challenge. We suggest that you take relaxing baths with our organic soap and hang “Stronger Women Quotes” in any room in your home or office to celebrate your victories. You deserve it, you’ve earned it and we are in the process with you.

                                        "When you Work on Purpose,                                  You Support Causes and Create Businesses that can Change the World"

Print “Stronger Women Quotes” on photo paper or canvas and frame in unique frames to create a Gallery Collection. Group them on a mantel, shelf or wall to make a collage of Inspiration.                                                                  “You are only Limited by your Imagination”